About The Artist

Eileen Allen began drawing as soon as she could hold a number 2 pencil in her hand.  She considers herself blessed that her parents delighted in the early emergence of her talent, and very lucky that she had uncles employed by a major paper company.  “My uncles kept me well supplied with reams of copier paper . Sometimes is was gold or green colored, but I drew on it anyway!” she says.

Eileen has loved horses from an early age. They became one of her favorite subjects through the years. “At six years old, I used to wander down to a pony farm pasture about a quarter of a mile away-a real kid magnet. I would crawl under the fence and climb onto one of the ponies resting under the trees. In a child’s world where all is possible, it was pure heaven, and remains so in my memories,” she says.

Eileen also developed a deep interest and great respect for American Indian history. She has created a portfolio of American Indian artwork based on researching their history through reputable sources, in an effort to keep her work as authentic as possible.

“I research through current and out of print books and reference materials and visit pertinent museums in order to create as accurate and realistic artistic representation as possible, “ she says. The result is a portfolio of black and white highly detailed portraiture, and color work depicting everyday American Indian life from centuries past. “American Indians lived rich, intricate and highly spiritual lives. I try to bring that to life in my artwork.” Bruni says.

Eileen’s body of work includes a portfolio of early 20th century Adirondack portraitures, commemorating the extraordinary people of those times, and wolves.

Eileen spends the majority of her free time with her horses and walking her dog through the fields and down the country roads that surround her home. That gives her a great opportunity to take in the natural world around her, which is reflected in her artwork. Most of her works are detailed watercolor.  

She lives in upstate New York on her 35 acre country home with her artist/designer husband, her horses, her dog and cat and other all the other creatures who wander onto the property. She hopes you enjoy her work.